Trip Report: Lima, Peru

We visisted Lima, Peru for 10 days b/w August and Septemer 2016. Here is our trip report including food scenes in Lima.

My wife tells me that I always come up some excuses when I don’t do what I was going to do.   Here is another one.  I was going to write this trip report during our stay in Lima, Peru but somehow couldn’t motivate myself to write anything.  I took my mini laptop (ASUS Transformer) but wasn’t use to type many words on that keyboard.  It is all about my excuse.

We left our home on August 27, 2016, after we dropped off our dog at the pet hotel.  We used to drive our car to the airport but took a Lyft ride from our home to the airport this time.  My wife had a $10 promotion for her Lyft account.  We took an advantage of it.  It was definitely much better than a regular cab ride and was much cheaper (probably 50% cheaper).  At this point, we decided to utilize Uber in Lima, Peru (Lyft wasn’t available in Lima) and not to call a cab driver there.

Flights (Aeromexico)

We took Aeromexico flights.  This is our 5th time with Aeromexico.  Aeromexico is usually cheaper for Latin America destinations than other airlines.  The service is mediocre just like other American airlines (American, Delta, and United).  We had to stop by Mexico City for 5 or 6 hours to go to Peru and come back to the States.  One negative thing was that we arrived in Lima before 6 AM.

Lodging (Airbnb)

We stayed at one of the Airbnb hosts.  The host was kind enough to allow us check-in earlier and check-out later.  She also accommodated a taxi ride from the airport to her condo.  Those are only two positive items I could list.  The condo wasn’t clean to satisfy my wife.  It was too cold to stay there (there was no real heater).  The water leak was also seen in the kitchen.  The condo looked exactly like the pictured published on the Airbnb site.  But I couldn’t tell any details on those pictures.  And I am not sure who put all the positive comments on her condo (Her friends or non-paid guests???).  Next time I really need to be careful about our selection of lodging.  We might need to slightly raise our budget next time.


This is our main reason to visit Lima.  Lima is the culinary center of South America as I read many articles.  We tried street food vendors to fancy restaurants but had a difficult time to understand such a reputation.  Famous Peruvian Ceviche, as well as some seafood, was excellent.  In fact, I like Peruvian Ceviche more than Mexican.  But many fancy restaurants basically offer fusion food which we could easily find everywhere.  We were hoping that those fancy restaurants offer authentic Peruvian cuisines.

We were a bit disappointed with Lima’s food scenes but found very good coffee beans.  I brought my portable grinders with us and ground coffee beans which I bought from the local coffee farmer vendor.  The taste of this Peruvian coffee is excellent.  I bought 3 bags of 500 grams (17.64 oz or 1.10 lbs) for us and another bag for my buddy.


Mistura is a gastronomy festival in Lima and was held from September 2nd to 11th this year.  Many restaurants and food vendors bring their specialty to this event.  We tasted bread baked onsite, ceviche, tamales, etc.  We had the best seafood fried rice (It was even better than Thai fried rice “Khao Pad”).  It was fun to walk around and see many different food and drinks.  It is one of the most popular events in Lima.


There are many old buildings like churches, cathedrals, places, etc. in the historic center of Lima.  But those are very common in any large city in Latin America.  We also visited two famous ruins within the Lima vicinity but did have any idea about the Peruvian history.  So we were just listening to the local guide in Spanish.


We thought that Lima was more developed but did not see it except the wealthy neighborhood where we stayed.  The culinary reputation of Lima seems to be overvalued.  I don’t say that food in Lima is horrible but is just similar to other Latin countries.  Nothing was really special in Lima.

Will we go back to Lima and Peru in the future?  I don’t think that we will consider another trip to Peru even we want to visit Machu Pichu.  We would rather visit other South American countries like Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay instead.


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